• Food Service


  • FREE Meals for All Students!

    For the upcoming 2023-24 school year, Michigan has authorized free meals for all students as

    part of the Michigan School Meals program! This means students 4 yrs. old and above, at

    public schools will have the opportunity to enjoy breakfast and lunch at no cost throughout the

    academic year.


    Michigan School Meals offer a great opportunity for everyone to eat together in the cafeteria

    and hopefully make it easier for students and families to confidently check breakfast and lunch

    off their list. We’re excited to serve even more students in the Mattawan community this year,

    helping to fuel busy days with favorite menu items and a variety of delicious new recipes!

    It is important to note that families should still complete the 23-24 School Meals and Summer

    EBT application, which helps ensure ongoing state funding and can qualify your child’s school

    or community for other special programs like free summer meals. Parents or guardians can

    submit applications online at https://mattawan.familyportal.cloud/ or in person at your

    child’s school office.

    Mattawan Consolidated School’s Food and Nutrition offers convenient and nutritious meals for all students.  Please see our library of topics and forms for specific information.  


    Christina Haller, Director of Food Services
    Phone: 269.668.3361 Extension1865
    Email: Food Service Director

    Jan Dragicevich, Food Services Secretary
    Phone: 269.668.3361 Extension 1765
    Email: Food Services Secretary