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    Our nation is growing more diverse each year!  Mattawan Consolidated School values our multilingual Wildcats and understand the superstars they truly are!  Students who enroll in our district with limited or no English language skills can find the support they need to succeed.  Being multilingual is a gift and our students are proud to be able to communicate their knowledge in more than one language.  Learn more about our programs designed to help all children reach their full potential.


    Dr. Cortés' Bio
    My name is Carlos Cortés and I was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico. In 1992, after completing a doctorate in Educational Leadership at WMU, I went to Puerto Rico to work in the Graduate Program of Education at the Metropolitan Campus of the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico.
    From 1992 to 2002 I taught doctoral courses in Educational Administration. During that time, I was in charge of beginner courses such as: Introduction to Organizational Development; Theories and Principles of Management; Human Resources Management; and, Labor Relations, among others. In addition, in the early years I participated as a member in dissertation committees and by my third year in the Program I began to chair them.
    In the summer of 1996, I began teaching a doctoral course entitled Comparative Education, for which we traveled with students to countries in Central and South America to compare educational systems, especially from the administrative perspective. For 14 years, we traveled in the summers participating in donation projects and construction of classrooms in the jungles of Guatemala. Along with workshops my students brought thousands of pounds in donations of teaching materials, clothes; medicines, and cash to multiple schools and educational centers in poor communities in Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador.
    2010 I assumed the coordination of the of Educational Administration Specialty and for the next 8 years I directed the two curricular reviews that were carried out. In 2013, its name was changed to Educational Management and Leadership.
    August 2019 I became the Director of the Faculty of Education with: a Teacher Preparation Program (8 Concentrations); a Sports Technology Program; 7 Master's Degrees; 5 Doctorates; over 40 full and partial professors, most of them with doctorates; a support staff and over 500 sub graduate and graduate students. Among the achievements were: the accreditation of the Teacher Preparation Program by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) (the Program was on probation for the last 5 years prior to its accreditation in 2021); the creation of a new online doctorate in Management of Educational Organizations: the curricular revision of multiple master's degrees and concentrations; all courses, field practices and internships were transformed into online modalities; there were over 50 doctoral dissertations defenses; and, more than 100 comprehensive doctoral exams were administered.
    Along with my work at the university I directed two companies whose main purposes were the creation of educational didactic and professional development software. Through these companies we managed to produce 14 software-programs to train teachers and administrators in areas such as: Special Education; Application of Technology in the Assessment Process; and, Education and Health, among others.
    In my 30 years of professional experience I have had many opportunities to work with non-traditional populations and students. In addition, as a member of dozens of doctoral committees and as a specialist in educational administration and leadership, my knowledge related to research processes, data analysis and report writing is extensive.
    Carlos Cortés, Ed.D.